DUI Defense

An individual charged with a DUI faces serious consequences. In most cases, a first-time DUI is a "Class A" misdemeanor for which a person can be sentenced up to 364 days in jail as well as driving privileges revoked.

While it is unlikely that a first time DUI offender will go to jail, a DUI conviction will cause serious hardships that can include the indefinite revocation of driving privileges. Additionally, a statutory summary suspension of driving privileges will, in almost all cases, go into effect as a result of a DUI arrest. A person arrested a second or subsequent time for DUI faces potential felony charges, which could include a year or more in the state penitentiary.

Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is crucial in order to protect your rights and avoid the severe penalties associated with a DUI conviction. Paul F. Serkland has many years of experience both prosecuting and defending DUI cases.  As a prosecutor, Mr. Serkland prosecuted a large volume of DUI cases as an Assistant State’s Attorney. Mr. Serkland has litigated DUI cases in front of judges and juries and also conducted hundreds of Statutory Summary Suspension hearings.

In his years in private practice, he has successfully represented clients in courthouses located in Waukegan, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood, Chicago (Daley Center) and many collar counties. Call Paul F. Serkland, Attorney at Law, at 847-263-3740 to discuss your DUI case.